Lesson Seven - Introduction to projects

When we speak to our users some of the most successful credit Powered Nows project functionality as their secret weapon. Simply put Projects is there to help you stay organised, you can collect notes, pricing, documents, photos into a single place for a single customer. The project can also be worked on by your whole team if you have given them access.

The project timeline is a scrollable area, arranged in date and time that gives you everything that has happened in order. You can add things to the timeline quickly and easily as well as choosing content to add to your documents however I will show you how to create a project in the next lesson.

Powered Now uses projects for everything, you may not have noticed but there are several projects already on our system as Powered Now automatically creates them in the background.

If I open up this project you can see the contents of both the quote and invoice we created in previous lessons. This means the next time you want to reuse any of this you can do it quickly and easily, saving your typing!

Go back to lesson six Creating an invoice from a quote or forward to lesson eight, Creating a project and adding some content.

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