How to add a customer

Adding a customer to your system is simple, enabling you to email and text message them quotes, invoices and messages. When a customer has opened up your quote or invoice you will be sent an alert, therefore minimising any worry of wondering the customer has seen your document that you have sent.  When you email and/or text message a customer a quote, they can accept or reject the quote which will send you a message. 

There are a few ways that you can add a customer to your database. firstly you can add one from the home page but also you will be prompted when you create a new project, quote or invoice.  You can also bulk import all of your contacts former device.

  1. Click on Customers on the main page.
  2. Click Import Customers, this may take a little time depending how many contacts you have. 



  • Automatic Contact Look up.
  • Postcode Look up - this will show a map of their location and will I've you details of distance and time to get to the destination based on your current location.
  • Notes - Add contact notes to remind you about certain facts about your contact. For example: Always pays by cheque, or beware of their large dog. 
  • Contact Type - State whether the contact is a Customer, Supplier or Staff Member. 

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